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Sic Bo ("precious dice") is a game whose outcomes are selected by three dice. Originating in ancient China, it's also referred to by a variety of names like "tai sai" and "dai siu" that connote "big and small" or "hi-lo", a reflection of two of its primary bets. Incredibly popular in Asia (especially Macau), Chinese immigrants brought it to America early in the 20th century. It became legal in the United Kingdom in May of 2002.

Sic Bo is pleasantly simple, no doubt a large part of its appeal. Players bet on the outcomes of the three dice. Bet flavors can be as simple as combined dice totals, odd or even combined dice totals, whether combined dice totals are "big" (11 or greater) or "small" (10 or less). More involved bets include specific pairs of numbers, triples, and specific combinations of different numbers. Finally, complex combinations of simpler bets add some big odds excitement to the game.

Once players have placed chips on specific areas of the layout corresponding to bets, the dealer shakes the dice in a variety of ways, sometimes in a plastic container, on a plate covered by an overturned bowl, in a cup, or some other novel way specific to a given casino. Unlike in Craps, players don't touch the dice. The dealer removes losing bets and pays winning bets after revealing the dice outcome. Obviously, a Random Number Generator (RNG) replaces the dice in online casino versions.

Typical bets include:

  • Small: Combined dice total is ten or less
  • Big: Combined dice total is eleven or more
  • Even: Combined dice total is an even number
  • Odd: Combined dice total is an odd number
  • Dice Total: The sum of the three dice is a specified total from 4 to 17
  • Single Die Bet: A specified number appears on one, two, or all three dice
  • Dice Combinations: Two dice are a specified set of different numbers
  • Specific Double: Two of the three dice have the same specified number
  • Specific All/Triple: All three dice are the same specified number
  • Any All/Triple: All three dices are the same of any number
  • Three Single Number Combination: The dice reveal a specified set of three different numbers
  • Specific Double Combined with Single Number: Two dice show a specified double while the third die shows a specified number
  • Four Number Combination: The dice show any three numbers from the following combinations of four numbers: (1, 2, 3, 4) or (2, 3, 4, 5) or (2, 3, 5, 6) or (3, 4, 5, 6)

Specific bet payouts vary by casino. For example, whereas one casino might pay 50:1 for a combined dice total of four, others might pay 60:1 or even 62:1. Be sure to investigate casino and even specific table payouts so you're playing where you'll be rewarded the most.

Did you know?

In the past, the role of a bowl in the shaking of the dice was so prominent that some people still refer to Sic Bo as "dice in a bowl".

A couple notable variations include:

Grand Hazard: Three dice are either thrown from a cup or propelled along a "hazard chute" consisting of a set of inclined planes that tumble the dice along their way. The long shot "raffle" bet pays 180:1.

Chuck-a-luck: An American variant rooted in Grand Hazard, sometimes referred to as "birdcage" because the dealer rotates the three dice in a birdcage-like container. When the dice finally land on the bottom, the outcome determines the fate of bets.

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