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Fun Gambling Facts

Everyone has heard stories about gamblers winning huge amounts of money and also losing huge amounts of money too. But you can never really come to terms with how high these figures fluctuate until its put into perspective.

With the gambling business constantly growing, the likelihood of people winning and losing large sums of money is even more probable. Therefore, it's almost mandatory that fun facts about gambling, biggest jackpots and origin of games are shared with you, to show how interesting the industry of gambling is.

Some of the following facts and figures are merely just for your entertainment and astonishment.

Famous Casinos

Firstly, it's no secret that casino's aren't cheap. The theme park like features and colors are what attracts people there, so why not push the boat out and go that extra mile? Let's compare some of construction prices of Las Vegas casinos.

The Bellagio - costing around $1.6 billion for construction with an additional $70 million upgrade in 2011. Not only is that such a huge sum but to put that into perspective, with Virgin Galactic, you could fly to space and back 6680 times for the same cost.

Wynn - this resort upstages the Bellagio by costing a rather large $2.7 billion. But, not everything about the Wynn casino is that expensive. You can visit one of their nightclubs called the XS and purchase a popular cocktail for just $10,000...

Aria - this resort is estimated at around $5.4 billion in cost which makes it double the amount of the Wynn, it's crazy to think these casinos are just down the road from each other. The hotel contains approximately 4,004 rooms which is five times the amount of Buckingham Palace.

Rio - costing around $888 million, this casino is a much cheaper resort than others in Las Vegas but is definitely just as popular, if not more. Hosting the World Series of Poker every year is a main attraction for people all over the world to visit the Rio.

The Venetian - built at a cost of around $1.5 billion, this casino was the most expensive resort of its kind when it opened in 1999. This resort complex has 4,049 suites and 4,059 hotel rooms, to put into perspective, this is 61 times the amount of rooms inside the White House.

Figures on Gambling

Admittedly, the wins and losses that occur in casino's are rather small compared to the value of the casino itself, but in relation to normality, the figures are hugely significant. Some of the following figures show the amount of money that can be won and lost and the amount the casinos are taking in on a yearly basis.

  • A rather extraordinary story is that of a British civilian, Ashley Revell. He decided to sell everything he owned, clothes, personal possessions and placed a bet of $135,000 on red for a single spin of roulette. The gods were on his side as he won the bet for $270,600, let's assume he settled with that and didn't tempt fate for a second time.
  • In 1992, a man named Archie Karas gambled his way from $50 to $40 million, which seems too good to be true. But it happened, although so did the demise after he went onto lose his entire winnings. It might seem quite difficult to actually lose $40 million gambling but it's clearly very possible. It's essentially the equivalent of buying 101 Lamborghini Aventador's and destroying them, which is a rather harrowing thought.
  • For amounts of money to be won and lost, people have to visit the casinos. Las Vegas is a perfect place for that and attracted 39 million visitors there last year, which is more than half of the population of the UK.
  • For the 39 million visitors last year in Las Vegas, their gaming revenue managed to hit the heights of $6.5 billion, which isn't too bad. This amount of money is the equivalent of more than four times the average NFL team.

Facts and figures are always a useful resource of magnifying the amount of money involved in the gambling world. With the industry constantly growing, the figures are going to get higher and higher which will result in more unbelievable stats being revealed.