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How To Play Craps

If you enter an offline casino, it will not take long for you to locate the craps tables. With the average casino expecting more than 100 decisions each hour, there is always plenty of action centered around this exciting and intense dice based game. In online casinos, the screams and shouts may not be present, but the atmosphere is still thick with intensity. If you begin a craps game, be prepared to think on your toes. Games will likely move fast and not understanding the game could quickly deplete your bankroll.

Learn The Basics Of Online Craps

Understanding the Table Layout

In most casinos, the craps table are what is referred to as a double layout. In the middle of the table is the box man. This casino employee is responsible for making sure the game runs smoothly and collecting all bets. Facing the employee is another employee that uses a specially designed stick to collect the dice and slide to the player who is throwing them. In offline casinos, this employee controls how quickly the game moves and is an important part of the excitement around the table. In online casinos, obviously, these employees are replaced by computers.

In the middle of the table (between the casino employees or respective spots) are the places where gamblers can place hard way bets or propositions. These types of bets are the easiest to understand in the game. They are usually marked visually with sides of the dice (two 3s for example). To be a winning bet, this roll must occur before a seven or any other dice combination adding up to (in our example, six) occurs. The players surround the craps table and make bets either for the shooter (the player that throws the dice) or against the shooter.

If any player would like to make a bet for the shooter, they can make a bet on the pass line (a strip around the table). If they wish to make a bet against the shooter, they can place a bet on the "don't pass" line. In addition to these portions of the table, there are also "Come" and "Don't Come" betting surfaces where players can make bets later in the game. The "Field" portion of the table contains the numbers 4 through 10. These boxes are for bets that these numbers will be the result of a roll of the dice before a seven is rolled.

Playing The Game Of Craps

One of the first hurdles that the beginning player must get past is the intensity of the pace in the game. In online casinos, this can be much easier to understand. All of the players at the table have the option to roll the dice but can choose not to by making a bet on the "Don't Pass" line. The first shooter makes a bet and rolls the dice. This first roll is referred to as the "Come Out". At this point, players may make a bet on the come out portion of the table. If the shooter wins the bet, he is allowed to continue. If not, the dice are passed to the next player in line and a new game begins with another come out roll. When the dice are passed to another player, the play always moves in a clockwise order.

The Pass Line bets will be winning ones when the dice roll is a seven or eleven during the come out roll. However, if the dice roll results in a two, three or a twelve (also called craps, where the game gets its name), all pass line bets lose. Don't pass bets win if the roll results in a two or three but tie if the roll results in a twelve. As expected, don't pass bets always lose when a seven or eleven is rolled.

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