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Craps Strategy

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The Top Strategies

The Pass Line

If you are only aware of a single bet on the table, you should be aware of the Pass Line. When a shooter first rolls the dice, this is called the "Come Out". This bet is clearly marked on the table as a strip around the table. If you make this bet and the roll is a seven or an eleven, you win the bet, even money in fact. However, if you roll a two, three or twelve, you lose your bet. If any other number is rolled, that number is referred to as the point. If the point is rolled before the number seven, you will win even money on your original bet. However, if a seven is rolled, you will lose your bet.

Always make the pass line bet and avoid its younger brother, the don't pass. The value of a pass bet drops significantly after the come out so avoid placing such a bet after the come out has already completed. When a pass line bet is made before the come out, the house edge is a mere 1.41%. This house edge is one of the best in the casino and far exceeds the edge on the rest of the bets on the craps table and even many of the other games at the online casino.

Odds Bets

If you have ever wanted to make a bet that had almost no house edge at all, you have only two ways to do so at online casinos. The first way to do so is to use the double up feature when playing selected video poker games. The other way is to place an odds bet in Craps. This bet is only available to players that previously made a pass line bet, another reason why always making a pass line bet is so important. If you have the opportunity to make an odds bet in Craps, do so at any cost.

If you have placed a pass line bet and a seven is not rolled, but a point instead, any player at the table can make a bet on the odds. While this bet is normally three to five times your initial bet, some casinos allow up to 100 times your pass line bet. To make such a bet, simply place the chips closest to you behind your pass line bet. If the point is rolled before a seven comes out, you will win the odds bet, much more than even money. As seven is the most likely result of any dice roll, the pay outs increase. If the point is a five or ten, the payout is 2:1.

The house edge diminishes based on how much your odds bet is. For example, an odds bet in the same amount as your pass line bet has a house edge of 0.848%. At ten times your pass line bet, this bet has a 0.148% house edge. At 100 times your pass line bet, the house edge is reduced to a staggeringly low 0.021%, almost no house edge at all. It is important to note that increasing your odds bet may reduce the house edge, the expected loss will not change. Be aware of this when making odds bets as you could end up losing a great deal of money on a single bet. this is why most players make due with the still incredible house edge of 0.374% on a 5x bet so as to not lose too much money on a single roll.

Strategies To Avoid In Craps

One of the first mistakes that beginning Craps players make is employing the gambler's fallacy. This concept states that if a specific number has not come up on the dice for a while, it is due to come up. This strategy is not limited to Craps, but is prevalent at many other table games in online casinos. The simple fact is that no number on the dice is more likely to come up if it hasn't come up in a while. You must always remember this important fact when making a bet. Although you can make smart bets, Craps will always rely on luck as its primary attribute.

One of the most popular alternative strategies in Craps is the Martingale. This strategy involves placing a bet on the pass line and doubling it until you win. These bets can add up very quickly and end up costing you a great deal of money. Relying heavily on a large bankroll, the Martingale system is unreliable as there is no guarantee that you will not lose 20 times in a row and be left without any money to continue the system.

Avoid this strategy at all costs. simply making straight bets on the pass line game after game will put you in the best situation to remain successful. You may end up losing some games and winning others but you will not be able to manipulate the chances of winning any more than betting on the pass line.

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