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Roulette Rules

While roulette is generally considered to be a relatively simple game, there are some casino based differences that can throw the unfamiliar player off. While only one of the rule variations significantly alters the outcome of the game, all of them have the potential to result in poorly placed or mistakenly placed chips or bets.

Learn The Rules Of Online Roulette


On roulette tables, each player is given a special color of chips to distinguish between bets of different players. In online casinos this is not an issue but at offline casinos it is important that the dealer can tell who has made which bet once the wheel has stopped spinning. It is not uncommon for multiple players at the same table to make the same bets, particularly on outside bets such as number sets and colors.

With roulette, the color of your chip does not determine denomination as it often does in other games. Most online casinos operate with chips of a set currency that the player chooses at the beginning of the game. For example, a table carrying a $5 minimum bet will often encourage players to play with $1 chips. Although this currency can typically be changed at any time, it is important to understand the difference between currency chips and player chips at roulette tables.

American And European Wheels

There is a very small, but very important difference between the roulette wheels featured at American and European casinos. In European casinos, the roulette wheel has 36 numbers with a single added 0 to create the house edge. At American casinos, there is yet another added number that increases the house edge even more, the 00, or 'double zero'. If there were only the 36 numbers on the wheel, there would be no house edge at all and all bets would have exactly equal odds.

In short, the house edge on European wheels is only 2.7% on all bets. Even money bets are actually significantly lowered to 1.4% by a European "even money bet" rule referred to as en prison. Essentially, when a player makes an even money bet, the 1.4% house edge is in effect. However, American players face a significantly higher house edge of 5.26% on all bets except 00 which carries a house edge of 7.89%.

The wheel differences are not exclusive to Europe and America, however. There are some high limit casinos in America that feature European wheels but these typically feature a very large minimum bet that is out of reach for most casual gamblers. In the same way, there are some European casinos that feature only American wheels to take advantage of the increased house edge. If you find a European roulette wheel that is within your bankroll limits, it is in your best interest to play it in favor of the American counterpart.

Betting Practices

Once you have made a bet, you are not allowed to touch your chips once the wheel starts spinning. You must be absolutely certain that the bets you have on the table are the ones you meant to make before the dealer announces that the betting time is over. Even if you see that you have made a mistake after the wheel has started spinning, no bets can be reversed once they have been made.

On the same note, particularly in online casinos, there are often buttons that allow the player to bet the maximum bet or place all of their chips on a single square. It is usually best to avoid these buttons as they allow for an opportunity for a player to make a serious betting mistake. Just as in misplaced bets, over-betting cannot be corrected once the final bets have been called for. Placing a bet right before the cut off point only to find that you bet too much cannot be reversed in almost every online casino

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