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How To Play Sic Bo

The name Sic Bo literally translates into "dice pair". This etymology actually does not reveal a great deal about how the game is played as it is played with a set of three of dice rather than a pair. In its simplest form, a player rolls three dice and bets (along with other players) on the numbers that will appear on the dice after they have stopped rolling. You may place a bet on the total that appears on the dice or the individual number that are depicted on the dice, ignoring their natural total.

Learn The Basics Of Sic Bo

Bet Types

There are several different types of bets that a player may make on the dice when playing Sic Bo:

Wager on a single side of the die: For example, a player may make a wager that the number 5 will appear when the dice have stopped rolling. If the number five is on one of the dice, the wager is paid at even money or 1:1. However, if the single number that the player picked appears on both dice, the payoff is at a ratio of 2:1. Finally, as could be expected, if all three dice show the number that you chose, in this case five, your wager is paid at 3:1.

Combination of any two numbers: Your chosen combination can appear on any of the three dice in order to be won. The number depicted on the third die has no effect on your wager. This type of bet pays out at a ratio of 5:1.

Three dice total: You may place a wager on the total of all three dice after they have stopped rolling. You may select any number from 4 to 17 when making your bet. This type of wager pays out based on the amount of your wager. Ratios vary from 6:1 to 50:1.

You can bet that a set of three numbers will appear on the dice. This bet must be specific. For example, you may bet that three 2s will be the showing numbers on the dice. If you guess correctly, you will be awarded with a quite large 150:1 payout ratio. In other words, a bet of $1.00 will be paid $150.00 if the wager is correct.

You may place a wager that any set of three numbers will show. If you place this bet, it does matter which particular numbers are on the dice as long as there are three of the same. This type of wager pays out at a ratio of 24:1.

You may place a wager that any two of the same number will appear on the three dice. A successful bet will be paid out at a ratio of 8:1.

Playing the Game

At the beginning of each roll, each players places their bets on the respective space on the table that marks the type of bet that they wish to make. When all players have made their bets, the dealer rolls the dice by shaking them in a specialized container and rolling them onto the table (computerized in online gambling). When the dice come to a stop, the numbers are recorded into a device and the betting table lights up to show which bets are to be paid out. The dealer or game pays each winning bet for the respective payout ratio and the game continues in the same way as it commenced with players making new bets.

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