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Sic Bo Rules

A dice game of Chinese origin, Sic Bo is one of the easiest games to understand and play in online casinos. There are no factors influencing the outcome of the dice roll and all bets are governed simply by chance. All of the bets are laid out on the betting table and the dice are rolled to determine the winners. As multiple bets may be paid out at the same time, there is great potential for the lucky better to receive a very large payout on a single roll. There are few rules involved in the play of Sic Bo but it is important to know them all in order to be successful.

Learn The Rules Of Online Sic Bo

Betting Placement

You are generally not responsible for calculating whether or not your bet has won. In offline casinos, the specific betting squares will light up on the table after the dice are rolled. In online casinos, the process is much faster. Bets are paid out electronically and automatically at the end of each round. You are, however, responsible for making sure that you place the bet that you meant to before the dice are rolled.

No online casino will correct misplaced bets after the dice have already been rolled. It is important to place your chips in a way where it is not ambiguous as to where they are situated. In online casinos, there is no grey area as to where your chips are placed. If you are not paying attention, however, you are stuck with the bet that you have already placed and it cannot be changed for any reason.

Betting Limits

There are no limitations (except for, of course, the table maximum) as to how many specific bets you can make on a table. For example, you may bet that three 4s will appear on the dice when they have stopped rolling and that the total will 12 for all three dice. If you are indeed correct on both counts, both of your wagers will be paid out at their respective ratios, a very tidy return.

Some online casinos prevent players from betting on both pairs and triples, but this is rare. For example, at some casinos, you would not be allowed to bet that both a pair of 2s and three 2s will show on the dice when they have stopped rolling.

Dice Differences

Some online casinos offer variations on the dice used in Sic Bo. For example, some casinos will use pictures on the six sides of the dice rather than numbers. This eliminates the opportunity for total bets but does not have any bearing on pair or triplet wagers as well as picture combinations. Common pictures used on the dice include animals, Chinese symbols and pictures of plants or flowers.

In many cases, dice that replace numbers with animals or symbols also add a color to each side. This opens the opportunity for players to not only bet on matching symbols, but also matching colors.

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