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Three Card Poker Rules

Although Three Card Poker is a very simple game to play, there are some important rules that must be followed in order to qualify for bonuses or make further bets. One of the most basic rules is that every player must have a bet on the table to play. Players are not allowed to watch games for any period of time before making a bet. If you fail to place a bet during your first hand, you will be removed from the table and the game.

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Basic Considerations

Each game of Three Card Poker is played with a single, standard 52 card deck. One of the primary considerations to Three Card Poker is that it actually allows for the play of two simultaneous and different games. One form of the game is called the Play/Ante where players compete against the dealer to see who can have the highest score in their hand. At the same time, players can wager on the Pair Plus end of the game. Essentially, players make wagers that they will receive a pair or better when they are dealt cards.

Many online casinos allow players to make wagers on both types of games at the same time during hands. Others allow for players to choose one or the other. In many casinos, the standard rule is that the player wishing to make a wager on the Pair Plus side of the game first wager on the Ante Bet.

Bonus on Ante

Some card combinations award Ante bettors a bonus regardless of how the game continues. They do not have to beat the dealer's hand to qualify for the bonus. In addition, players that qualify for the Ante bonus do not have to make an additional bet to keep playing as they normally would before seeing the dealer's cards. The specific payout ratio varies depending on the casino site that you play at but is typically within the same range as others.

If your hand contains a straight (normal or flush) or three cards of the same value, you will be paid the Ante bonus. A straight (normal) qualifies for an even money 1:1 payout. A straight (flush) qualifies for a 5:1 (sometimes 4:1) payout bonus. Three cards of the same face value will qualify for a 3:1 payout bonus.

It is important to note that the payout bonus greatly influences the calculation of the house edge with the Ante/Play section of Three Card Poker. If the bonus payouts are listed as 5:4:1, the house edge is calculated as 3.4%. However, if the bonus payouts are listed as 4:3:1, the house edge is calculated as 6.8%.

Pair Plus Payouts

Although a pair always pays even money to players that have made wagers in the Pair Plus field, there are other payout amounts that can be awarded to players that qualify. Although your hand is played in the entirely separate game against the dealer, the following payouts are calculated based on the cards that you are dealt in your hand:

  • Two cards of the same face value: 1:1
  • Three cards of the same suit: 4:1
  • Three cards in sequential order without matching suit: 6:1
  • Three cards of the same face value: 30:1
  • Three cards of the same suit and in sequential order: 40:1

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