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Online Casino Bonus Guide

I hope you aren’t hungry. Unlike in Las Vegas, online casinos aren’t about to lure you in with the promise of free or discounted all you can eat buffets. Yet internet gambling sites have something better up their sleeves and you won’t even have to suffer indigestion. Most of the best casinos offer incredible bonuses. It's easy to collect free cash, complimentary play, and other new player perks. Read on and learn how to maximize your earning power.

Cash In On The Competition

If you've ever spent time in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you've probably noticed that the climate is beyond fierce. We're not talking about the desert heat or an east coast winter blizzard. Casinos know that you can easily go next door or across the street and there's only one thing they can do about it. Players need incentives to give a casino a shot in the first place before even deciding if they want to stick around. When you play online, you not only have hundreds of choices, but you don’t even have to get out of your chair to find a superior option. That's why gambling sites are forced to outdo each other by literally paying you to play.

Welcome Bonuses

When searching for a place to play, expect to be bombarded with lucrative welcome bonus offers. You can qualify for these perks when funding your account for the first time. You’ll see a lot of numbers thrown around, but it's not uncommon to see 100% or 200% bonuses on your first deposit. They usually have caps, meaning that you might see a 100% deposit bonus up to $750. In this case all deposits up to $750 will be automatically doubled but if you deposit $1000 you’ll still only get $750 extra. You can usually qualify by funding your account with as little as $5.

Some sites prefer to spread their welcome bonuses around by giving you bonuses on your first two or three deposits within your first month of play. It pays to look at the overall terms and claim the best promotion for your playing patterns and budget.

Free Spins

The best gambling sites will give you free slot machine spins just for signing up. Many sites don’t even require you to make a deposit yet you can win real cash. These shouldn’t be confused for the free play modes available at most casinos on the internet, which use play money and are strictly for fun. Spinning the slots for free is just the beginning. You’ll also find free poker tournaments, keno, blackjack, bingo, and more at many gaming websites.

Reload Deposit Bonuses

While welcome and signup bonuses get you in the door, don’t you deserve to be rewarded for your loyalty? You will when you claim reload deposit bonuses that are offered periodically. Just check your email or the promotions page for a special offer. These work just like the sign up bonuses you’ll get on your first deposit. The only difference is that current players are eligible. Some of these offers may be targeted and available exclusively for you.

Bonus Codes

Whether you are claiming a welcome or reload bonus, you’ll often need to enter a promotional code when making your deposit. You can find these codes on our review page and occasionally on the casino's own promos page. Just enter a valid promo code in the designated box when funding your account or signing up.

Rollover Requirements

Like all things in life, some terms and conditions apply. If you are hoping to claim your free cash and withdraw it immediately then you're out of luck. Your bonus will usually be credited to your bankroll when you deposit, but you’ll be required to play a set number of games before you can cash out the bonus portion. Playing for larger stakes can help you meet your threshold more quickly and some games like blackjack may not qualify. The exact stipulations depend on where you play. The best online gaming sites will display your rollover requirements in real time, so you know how far along you are.

Things To Keep In Mind

With dozens of outstanding online casinos, there's nothing stopping you from signing up at more than one site. Claiming multiple bonuses across several sites is a great way to supercharge your bankroll. Don’t forget that you’ll need to roll over those bonuses before cashing them out, so don’t get carried away. If you set up accounts at a few casinos, it's easy to be strategic about depositing. You can hold off on funding your account until you see a truly enticing offer. Let those moneyed gaming sites compete for your business.

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