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Blackjack Rules

When playing Blackjack, there is more to remember than just card values and terminology. There are a number of aspects to take in consideration before and during the start of the Blackjack game. Here are some guidelines concerning how to play Blackjack.

Learn The Main Rules

Finding a Table

When choosing a blackjack table, there are several things to keep in mind. Chief among these are betting minimums and maximums. All tables have a minimum bet, the smallest amount you can bet to play the game. Some tables have maximum bets, which is the most that can be bet on a hand. Never play at a table you can't afford, and don't be afraid to change tables in the event that you want to bet more or less.

Blackjack tables can accommodate a fixed number of players. Most Blackjack tables have seating for four to six players, with the occasional table having room for less or more. If all seats at a table are currently occupied, you must wait to play or find another table. If you wish to play at a full table, you can join the queue to take a vacating player's spot.

When you join a game, make sure you are aware of any and all optional rules. Find out how many times you can split, and whether you can double down after a split. Determine whether the dealer can hit on a soft 17 or has to stay.


During play, you should always be focused on playing the game. Distractions can cause mistakes and unwanted outcomes. When it's your turn, complete your actions in a timely manner, so as not to unduly slow down the game for the other players. Spend time when you are not playing your hand to think ahead so you can act quickly when it is your turn.

If communication between players is an option, refrain from quarrelsome topics of discussion. Topics to avoid include the strategy of other players, or the "fairness" of the game. Most players are there just to play the game and will likely not appreciate overly chatty players distracting them. As a game that does not make players directly compete with one another, there is rarely need for animosity.


When playing online, you will often need several requirements to begin play. First, you will need a fast and stable Internet connection. The sometimes graphically intense nature of the software from online casinos require a sufficient system on which to run, so always compare your system assets against the minimum system requirements for the online casino of your choice.

Players will also need a method for paying for bets. All online casinos allow the player to use a credit card or debit card to transfer money. Other payment options are also often available, including third party companies like Bank Wire, Moneybookers and Click2Pay.

Even when using third party payment options, players will almost always need a credit card. Online casinos use credit cards as a method to verify identity and that players are of the right age to gamble. To associate accounts to particular player and allow easy communication, online casinos will also require players to have a operational email address.

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