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How To Play Roulette

Roulette gained much of its popularity due to its common appearance in pop culture, particularly films. While it is often shown as an exciting and skillful game, roulette actually features a rather high house edge and game play features relegated solely by luck and careful money management. Although the game is quite simple, a complete understanding of the way in which the game is played is important to making successful and wise bets.

The Basics Of Online Roulette

Table Layout

Roulette tables are long tables that feature a betting surface on the majority of the table and a roulette wheel on one end. At the wheel end, there is a cut slot where the dealer may stand. On the betting portion, there are boxes numbered from 1 to 36 that are laid out in three columns and twelve rows. Nearest the dealer are the boxes for the additional numbers (on American tables) of 0 and 00.

All of the numbers (except 0 and 00) are surrounded by either the color red or black. By betting on a specific number you are making what is called an inside bet. There are also outside bets that allow for players to place wagers on the colors red or black, sets of 18 numbers and sets of 12 numbers.

Placing Bets

When placing bets, each player places a chosen number of chips on any square on the betting table. They may choose to bet on any number of squares but risk losing more money than they win if they place bets on too many. The obvious mistake of betting the same amount of money on both red and black will award no money. However, betting on more than a few specific numbers can also be a much more deceptive mistake. Even if one of the numbers wins, the losing number upon which bets were also placed may not even cover the amount won on the winning one.

Players are permitted to make both inside and outside bets at the same time. For example, a player may make a bet on the number 16 as well as the color black. To cover the table even more, they could also place a bet on a set of numbers. If 16 is black and in the same set of numbers on which you placed a bet, you could win a large return if the roulette ball stopped spinning on the number 16.

Playing The Game

Each round commences after the dealer has removed all bets from the previous round and paid out all winnings. Players are given adequate time to place bets on the table in any of the provided squares. After the dealer calls for final bets, he begins spinning the roulette wheel and rolls the ball into the provided column. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball will come to rest in a specific number and its respective color. All bets placed on that specific number, color and the set in which the number belongs will are winning bets.

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