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Online Slots Rules

While slot based games are usually quite simple to play and understand, there are some rules that many online casinos use to keep games fair and balanced. As well as casino rules, you are bound to the same basic betting rules used by all games when playing online slots for money. It is important to familiarize yourself with your favorite slot game and it's rules. There are many different varieties of slot games that may each employ their own set of specific rules and guidelines. A basic understanding of slot rules can help you increase your winnings and make smart bets.

The Main Rules


Each slot machine requires a wager to play. This wager can be placed on a single line or multiple lines before clicking the button that spins the reels. If there are multiple paylines present, there is usually a "Bet Max" button available that will place the maximum allowable bet on each available payline. For example, if there are 20 total paylines with a maximum bet of $1.00 for each line, the "Bet Max" button will place a total bet of $20.00 per spin.

As a general rule, most casinos consider bets placed on each spin as final. If you make a mistake while betting and click the button that begins spinning the reels, your wager is considered to be placed and cannot be reversed. For this reason, it is important to review each wager before spinning the reels. If you accidentally click the "Bet Max" button and spin the reels when you only meant to bet $20.00 on a single line, the result can be detrimental to your bankroll.


Many online slot games are multi-denominational. This means that you are allowed to choose the specific amount of each wager on the same game. For example, the same game can be played for a penny per spin or $50.00 per spin. However, some games are set at a single amount that the player is allowed to bet. Some advanced slot games allow bets of different amount on different paylines rather than the same bet spread out over multiple paylines.

If the slot game that you choose only accepts a maximum bet of $20.00 per spin, your total amount wagered across the board cannot exceed $20.00. This may mean that you wager $1.00 on all 20 paylines or $20.00 on a single payline. Other machines set a maximum bet on each payline to determine, by default, the maximum allowed on each spin. For example, if a slot game allows for a maximum wager of $20.00 on each payline and there are 20 paylines, the default maximum wager for each spin is set at $400.00.


When you place a wager on a payline, you are betting that a set of symbols will match on that line when the reels stop spinning. Symbols vary from game to game but most slot games require at least three matching symbols to pay out. Some games allow for mixed symbols (one of each symbol on a line) or scatter pay outs (symbols that match on the final board but not necessarily on the same line).

Most of the time, if symbols match on a line where you made no wager, the slot game does not pay out any winnings. This applies to all paylines available on the game. For example, some games offer both straight lines, diagonals and even "V" lines (regular and upside down) as betting options. The same rules apply to these lines as normal, horizontal paylines. No wager means no payout.


Some slot games calculate the fixed amount payouts (most commonly, the jackpot) differently than others. Standard reel slots require a bet on every line on the screen for the jackpot to be paid. For example, if the jackpot is a three symbol match of the number "7" and the match occurs on the center payline, you must have made a wager on every other payline on the screen to be awarded the jackpot.

Many video slot games determine the jackpot based on the amount wagered on each individual line. These multipliers take into account your bets and multiply the set jackpot by the number of credits that you wagered on the winning line or, sometimes, the total wager made across the board.

Some other slot games will payout the same jackpot regardless of the amount that you wagered on each line. In other words, a jackpot is the same amount regardless of whether the winning payline had a wager or 1 cent or $5.00. While smaller payouts are larger based on your type of wager, making more than the minimum bet on each payline will not effect the amount won with a jackpot, should it occur.

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