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The Best Live Dealer Baccarat Online Casinos

While every online casino game has its own legion of fans, only one favorite is known as the domain of high society - and that's baccarat. When playing in Las Vegas or the UK, baccarat tables have their own cordoned off area that purposely separates the game from the usual options. This partition also attracts high rollers and keeps undesirables at bay. Yet when you visit online casinos, the game is open to all players with few barriers. What's even better is the option of playing live dealer baccarat. Online casinos are waiting to stream a live game right to your computer.

When you log onto top online casinos, the game offers you all the excitement, authenticity, and glamor usually reserved for the upper-crust. Read on to discover how to easily enjoy livebaccarat online casinos. You win real money, no matter how big or small your budget is.

Our Top Recommended Online Casinos

Online Casino Baccarat Technology

Before we run down baccarat rules, it's worth exploring live dealer games in general. Even 2022 traditional online casino games look a lot like video games. What you see on the screen is a faithful graphical representation of a casino table. Whether you play for real cash or fun, the cards you receive are the result of random number generation. The whole game is set up to mathematically mirror what would happen if you shuffled and dealt a real deck of cards. When you take your seat at live baccarat online casinos, the video game model is thrown out the window in favour of something more approaching the real thing.

At top gaming sites, players will receive real cards that are shuffled and dealt by a human croupier. When visiting casinos online, live dealer baccarat players can even choose their tables and dealer. The tables, dealers, and gameplay are filmed and broadcast in real time from the casino floor to your computer screen. A handy interface lets you place your baccarat bets. The whole process is fluid and true to life. You might even want to consider getting your tuxedo out of storage, although the video feed only travels in one direction at most baccarat gaming sites in 2022.

Online Casino Baccarat Rules

Even if you've never played at online casinos, live baccarat is easy to wrap your head around. Before playing at casinos online, baccarat players will need to understand the basic scoring system. Face cards and tens are valued at zero, aces are worth one, and number cards are worth their face value. Gaming sites will keep score automatically, but it's good to be able to follow the action as best you can.

One interesting aspect of baccarat online is that you can bet against yourself. Prior to the dealer dispensing cards, you’ll be able to bet on the player's hand, the banker's hand, or a tie. At casinos online, live dealer baccarat players and the dealer will each get two cards. The winning hand is the one that adds up to ten using the scoring system we mentioned earlier with a few exceptions. If a hand is worth more than ten, you’ll subtract ten points from value. If either the player or dealer hand totals 8 or 9, the game ends and the winner is declared. If your score is less than five, you’ll get a third card. The banker can also receive a third card but that depends on house rules that vary among gaming sites.

Finding The Right Game For You

When you log onto top online casinos, live baccarat is available in several editions with slight rule changes. The most common version in the US or UK is called punto banco and it follows the conventions we've outlined above. Other versions of online baccarat include chemin de fer, baccarat banque, and EZ baccarat. When enjoying online baccarat casinos, it's a good idea to check the rules before playing for real money. If you want to guarantee that punto banco is available, just use any of our recommended casinos online. The game is easy to follow after just a few live dealer hands.

Best Real Money Bets

Success doesn’t have to be elusive even if you are new to live dealer online casinos. Sites offer great real cash payouts whether you choose live dealer tables or stick to traditional online baccarat casinos. The secret to improving your odds is to always bet on the banker when playing at online casinos. Baccarat has a house edge of just 1.06% on dealer bets even factoring the commission you’ll pay.

Betting on the player is a reasonable bet with a 1.25% slant in favor of online baccarat casinos. However, we highly advise against wagering on a tie at online casinos. Baccarat ties do pay 8 to 1, as opposed to even money banker and player bets but you’ll be giving the house a whopping 14.36% edge even at the best casinos online. Baccarat isn’t complicated once you know who to bet on at online casinos. The game is largely about luck once you master the art of betting.

Start Playing At The Top Casinos Online

Baccarat isn’t just glamourous, but it offers some of the most competitive real cash payouts around. Baccarat players can start playing immediately at the best sites. Our team of internet gaming experts have reviewed, tested and probed hundreds of sites to find the greatest online casinos. Live baccarat gets even better when you take advantage of exclusive sign up bonuses at these trusted sites. Cash in on the biggest real money bonuses and most authentic live dealer action of 2022.