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Guide To Online Casinos Slots

Whether you play live in Las Vegas, London, or Atlantic City or prefer the convenience of online games, slots always dominate the gaming menu. You won’t find a more popular game anywhere, no matter how hard you try. That's because anyone can enjoy slot machines. Even today's most complicated games are easy to understand and require absolutely no skill to win.

Most internet sites now offer more than 100 different slot machine titles to choose from. Even tiny casinos dedicate most of their square footage to those often hypnotizing spinning reels. The hardest part is narrowing down your available options and finding your favorites.

Understanding The Basics

With hundreds of different games, it's natural to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. Yet at their core, all slot machines are effectively the same. You insert your money, decide how many coins you want to wager, and then spin the reels. When the reels come to a complete stop you’ll win if you hit any of the qualifying combination of symbols indicated in the payout table.

The main differences between slots are the number of reels, style of play, and game themes. You’ll find everything from classic fruit machines and liberty bells to licensed titles that feature the hottest Hollywood hits, superheroes, and celebrities.

Traditional 3-Reel Slots

Despite more exotic and elaborate games, many people continue to enjoy 3-reel slots for their simplicity. As the name implies, there are three spinning reels. There's usually just a single payline that runs across the center, although you’ll typically have the option to bet multiple coins. If there's a jackpot to be won, you’ll be required to wager the maximum to qualify for the top prize. 3-reel slots can be frustrating when key symbols appear just above or below the payline, but those near misses add to the excitement.

Modern 5-Reel Slots

Today's 5-reel games look more like video games than slot machines. While an additional 2-reels might now seem like a huge differentiator, it's only the beginning. Rather than find yourself limited to a single payline, these games let you wager on multiple paylines. Some games let you play over a hundred lines at once. That includes every straight line, diagonal, and zig-zag pattern you can imagine. If you like variety paired with physical twists and turns, you are in for a treat.

5-reel slots can be more visually stimulating with more immersive soundtracks. You’ll also find bonus rounds that effectively let you play a game within the game. Yet despite these added dimensions, the overall odds of winning aren’t inherently better or worse.

Progressive Jackpots

No matter how many reels your particular machine sports, you’ll definitely be interested in the huge ballooning jackpots slots are famous for. When you visit online casinos, you’ll frequently see progressive jackpots measured in the millions and they grow every second. Every time someone plays these machines, a portion of their wager gets added to the jackpot. It keeps rising until a lucky player win it all.

The best thing about progressive jackpot games on the internet is that they are routinely shared across a network. That means that several sites contribute to the prize pool, leading to huge jackpots that replenish quickly.

Increasing Your Odds Of Winning

No matter which games you choose, the best way to increase your odds is to play the games with the highest payout percentages. While you might win more often playing 5-reel games, your individual wins will be larger on 3-reel slots. The actual funds that are returned to players are usually mentioned in the instructions or alongside the payout table. When the odds are only statistically significant over the long haul, they still matter. Keep in mind that individual sites can tweak games to hit their targets. The same game on a different site won’t always have the same payout table or overall odds. Don’t be afraid to compare games to maximize your return and increase your fun.

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