2024 Resolutions: What are your odds of keeping to resolutions this year?

As champagne corks pop and fireworks light up the sky, many pen down their goals for their annual pursuit of self-improvement and transformation. But, surprise, surprise—those big plans often fizzle faster than last night's fireworks. 

As we dive into 2024, we surveyed 3,000 people to reveal the US states and Canadian provinces/territories that stand the test of time when it comes to keeping their New Year's resolutions. We unpack the short-lived sagas of resolutions past, the bucks spent, and what everyone's aiming for this time around.

Key Findings:

  • Fitness and nutrition top the resolution lists in 2024 for Americans and Canadians

  • The average length of maintaining a resolution for both countries is 4 months

  • Washington leads America with an average commitment of 12 months 

  • Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador are at the forefront in Canada, maintaining their goals for an average of 5 months

  • The most the average American has spent on a failed resolution is $3,000 USD

  • The most the average Canadian has spent on a failed resolution is $2,800 CAD

Americans Resolutions: Insights and Success Rates

Intrigued by the trends shaping America's New Year's resolutions? An impressive 61% of our American respondents have pledged to embrace resolutions for the upcoming year. So let’s uncover the goals that folks from coast to coast are setting for themselves, from career advancements to new adventures. 

The top priority for many (40%) revolves around enhancing personal fitness and nutrition, highlighting a collective drive towards healthier lifestyles and self-care routines throughout this year. Following closely, 16% are hoping to save some money. Meanwhile, 14% aim for career advancement and 7% are eager to explore new skills or hobbies. The full list is as follows:

  • Enhance fitness and nutrition: 40%

  • Boost savings or cut spending: 16%

  • Pursue career advancement: 14%

  • Explore new skills or hobbies: 7%

  • Embrace life's fullest experiences: 5%

  • Cultivate spiritual growth: 4%

  • Manage alcohol intake: 3%

  • Improve organization: 3%

  • Travel more: 3%

  • Increase family and friends' time: 3%

  • Curb smoking habits: 3%

Yet, the burning question remains: will these aspirations stand the test of time? As 92% of our US respondents have embarked on New Year's resolutions before, it propelled us to investigate further, uncovering which states excel in maintaining these commitments.

New Year's Resolutions: Average Number of Months Each State Sticks to Them

If you reside in Washington, your likelihood of sticking to your goal is higher compared to other states. Washington leads for longevity, with its residents sticking to their resolutions for an average of 12 months. Hawaii follows securing second place with an average commitment of 7 months. Conversely, individuals from Mississippi, Delaware, and West Virginia seem to struggle with goal dedication, often abandoning their goals as early as February. Yikes!

Though most states' resolutions last no longer than 4 months, individuals spare no expense in pursuit of their goals. When asked about their highest expenditure on a failed resolution, one respondent took the plunge, investing an astonishing $10,000 USD! On average, the most Americans have invested hovers around $3,000 USD. This highlights that money really isn’t everything when it comes to resolutions and without determination, it’s hard to commit. In fact, our survey respondents identified a lack of motivation (62%) as the primary reason behind past resolution failures.

With that said, there might be a glimmer of hope for states to achieve greater success this year, given that the most successful resolutions align with the top goals of 2024. 46% of participants found fitness resolutions the easiest to maintain, followed by saving money (12%). Respondents faced their toughest challenges with commitments to spend more time with family and maintaining organization, coincidentally the two least favored resolutions of 2024.

Canadian Resolutions: Insights and Success Rates

Much like their neighbors to the south, 60% of Canadians have set goals for the year. The top spot goes to embracing fitness and nutrition, favored by 35% of individuals, and closely trailed by career growth at 19%. While saving money secures the third spot at 14%. Here’s the complete rundown: 

  • Enhance fitness and nutrition: 35%

  • Pursue career advancement: 19%

  • Boost savings or cut spending: 14%

  • Explore new skills or hobbies: 7%

  • Embrace life's fullest experiences: 4%

  • Cultivate spiritual growth: 4%

  • Improve organization: 3%

  • Increase family and friends' time: 3%

  • Curb smoking habits: 2%

  • Travel more: 2%

So, what are the odds of Canadians sticking to their resolutions this year? With 91% of our Canadian respondents having ventured into New Year's goals before, we dug into the data to assess whether their past resolution journeys align with this year's aspirations.

New Year's Resolutions: Average Number of Months Each Province And Territory Stick to Them

Our Canadian respondents show a similar commitment to resolutions as the Americans, averaging a mere 4 months of dedication. Among the provinces and territories, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador shine as the most steadfast, holding onto resolutions for 5 months. Conversely, Nova Scotia faces the greatest challenge, with resolutions abandoned after a brief 2 months.

Despite the lack of commitment to their goals, Canadians spare no cost in their endeavor to uphold resolutions. One respondent admitted to shelling out a staggering CAD 20,000 on a failed resolution. However, the average amount spent on unsuccessful resolutions among Canadians rests at CAD 2,800. Interestingly, mirroring trends in America, lack of motivation remains the primary deterrent (62%) underling the notion that determination holds more weight in achieving goals than mere spending.

Amidst this, there’s a beacon of hope for those focused on fitness and nutrition this year, with 46% of Canadians claiming it's the resolution they've successfully maintained the longest. Yet, prospects for Canada's second most popular resolution, career growth, seem less promising, as only 5% of respondents claim to have stuck to it. Surprisingly, 'living life to the fullest' emerges as the most challenging resolution for Canadians to maintain.


It's evident that neither our American nor Canadian respondents have been overly committed to their past goals. However, as the saying goes, it’s the taking part that counts. Whether you stick to your New Year's resolutions or not, they represent a chance to hit the refresh button, try new things, and make life a tad more exciting. 

Methodology: surveyed 3,000 American and Canadian respondents on their current and past resolutions. We noted their state of residence or the province and territory they live in,  so we were able to use this to divide the data. The age range was 18+. For media inquiries, please contact:

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