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Biggest Casino Wins Ever

We've all dreamt of hitting a life-changing win at the casino, but this becoming a reality is incredibly rare. Gamblers have a tendency to trust their instincts and almost predict when a run of good luck is going to arrive, but predicting a win of this scale is a different matter.

Jackpot games are the main opportunity for somebody to experience a huge payday and this is what attracts the customers to the casino. Whether it is slots, blackjack or video poker, the extra incentive of a huge jackpot prize is what attracts the customers to the games. Some of the following stories are about those lucky customers who experienced some of the biggest wins in casino history.

An Honorable Mention

The following casino win isn’t necessarily one of the biggest wins in history, but definitely one of the most notables ones. In July 1891, Charlie Wells, known as “The man who broke the bank” won a million francs during an eleven hour session.

‘Breaking the bank’ is a phrase used when a gambler wins more chips that are available at that specific table, which is relatively difficult to accomplish. For most people in those days, a million francs would be a sufficient amount of money to keep you quite content.

However, Wells made another notable visit back in November that year and managed to make another million francs after some rather extraordinary luck. During a three day session, at a roulette table he managed to win five successful bets on the number five, which is unheard of in the game of roulette. This story was rather inspirational in that day and age, and inspired many musicians to write songs based on this event and ultimately make significant money for themselves.

The 3rd Largest Win

The third biggest win in casino history came from a man called Elmer Sherwin in 1989 and also 2005. That's right; he made his name with two multimillion dollar successes. In 1989, the largest progressive jackpot called ‘Megabucks’ was introduced.

The title speaks for itself and was an instant success in casinos. The odds of beating this casino slot game are approximately one in $50 million, which is difficult enough, but winning the jackpot twice is beyond belief. In 1989 Elmer won the jackpot for five million dollars and tried his luck again in 2005, winning an additional $21 million dollars, making him a mega-millionaire.

Online casinos are a bigger incentive for people to gamble in this day and age, the comfort of being in your home is a huge selling point for customers. A gentlemen named ‘Peter’ made the most of online casino slots by cashing in on 11.7 million Norwegian krone, which is the equivalent of $38 million dollars.

It almost seems too good to be true that whilst relaxing at home, drinking a coffee and clicking buttons, your life can change in a matter of moments. This story is a great example of why online casinos attract such a large amount of customers.

The Big Win

Last but the complete opposite of the least, is the story of Archie Karas who turned $50 into $40 million dollars over a period of three years. The majority of people would be happy with going into the casino and coming out with double their money or a small profit, but for Archie it was never enough

The run he went on proves that you can get your fair share of luck over a long period of time but the lack of fear that Archie had when gambling resulted in much larger winnings than most people would have reached.

However, despite the life changing amount of money that Archie won, it wasn't a happy ending. He went on to show naivety in the world of gambling by losing majority of his winnings playing baccarat and dice games. Everyone gets their fair share of luck in certain situations, but managing your emotions and keeping your feet on the ground is vital when you've acquired such a large sum of money.