Play Craps Online: Real Money Sites and Best Games

Your search for the best real money craps online casinos is over! This guide breaks down everything a craps player needs: Free online craps games, a list with the best online casinos with craps for real money and helpful tips for rules and strategies.

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Best Real Money Craps Online Casinos 2024

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Play the Best Craps Games

Our job is to provide you with the best craps online casino sites without any compromise. However, we also want you to have access to the top craps online games. So, we asked our casino industry experts to test and rate the best craps games across several categories. No two players are the same, so having access to a wide variety of games at the best online casinos for real money craps is essential. Check out our top picks below:

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Best Craps Game for High Payout
  • Craps (Playtech) – RTP: 99.53%

  • Vegas Craps (Microgaming) – RTP: 99.53%

  • Craps (RealTime Gaming) – RTP: 99.53%

  • Craps (1x2 Gaming) – RTP: 99.53%

  • Craps (Rival) – RTP: 99.70%

Best Craps Game for Live Dealer
  • Live Craps (Evolution Gaming)

  • Live Craps (Vivo Gaming)

  • First Person Craps (Evolution Gaming)

Best Craps Game for High Rollers
  • First Person Craps (Evolution Gaming)

  • Live Craps (Evolution Gaming)

  • Craps (Playtech)

  • Craps (1x2 Gaming)

  • Craps (Microgaming)

Best Craps Game for Budget Players
  • Craps (Rival)

  • Live Craps (Evolution Gaming)

  • Vegas Craps (Microgaming)

  • Craps (BetSoft)

  • Craps (Playtech)

Best Craps Game for Mobile
  • Craps (Microgaming)

  • First Persona Craps (Evolution)

  • Craps (Playtech)

  • Vegas Craps (Microgaming)

  • Craps (betSoft)

Want to Know More?

If you want to know more about the most engaging live dealer craps games and the best live casinos online, click the link below.

10 Most Popular Craps Games

No matter if you prefer to play craps for free or wish to try your luck at real online craps tables, you’ll find plenty of options at our top-rated craps online casinos. Not only do these games come from the leading providers, but they also offer generous RTPs and thrilling gameplay. We’ve highlighted our top 10 online craps real money game picks below.

Craps (Betsoft)

As one of the most versatile games at online craps casinos, BetSoft’s standard variation is welcoming to both beginners and experienced players. A slick 3D game table makes it easy to see betting options, where you can wager from $1 to $100 per round. All the classic bets (Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, etc.) are available. The RTP for this game is set to 98.64%.

Live Craps (Evolution Gaming)
Craps (Playtech)
Vegas Craps (Microgaming)
Craps (RealTime Gaming)
Live Craps (Vivo Gaming)
Craps (Urgent Games)
Craps (1x2 Gaming)
First Person Craps (Evolution Gaming)

How to Play Craps

Knowing how to play craps online is an essential step for any player. While the fundamental purpose of craps is easy to understand, the game has complexities that all players should understand before they start playing the most popular dice game in online casinos in Canada and the United States. The following straightforward guide will help you on your journey from this page to finding the best online casinos and playing the best craps games online:

Step 1: Pick a Casino

Browse our list of recommended casinos to play craps for real money online. Compare the best casinos we highlight and select the one that is best for you.

Step 2: Register/Login
Step 3: Deposit Funds
Step 4: Choose a Craps Game
Step 5: Place your Bets
Step 6: Wait for the Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online craps rigged?

No, the real money craps online casinos games in our list of recommended gambling sites are all approved by experts and users around the world. We also just select games from leading software providers, meaning those craps games are legal and licensed. These craps games have been independently tested to ensure all outcomes are decided by random chance.

How do you play real money craps online?
Can I play craps for free online?
What are the best craps variants?

Most Popular Craps Variants

Real money craps online comes in all shapes and sizes to suit players of all budgets and preferences. We think there are dozens of dice games worth checking out. However, some games have risen to the top amongst players because of their overall quality, including the below.

Craps Game Developer Payout %
Craps LiveEvolution Gaming99.17%
Vegas Craps Microgaming99.53%
CrapsRealTime Gaming99.53%
Live CrapsVivo Gaming97.84%
First Person CrapsEvolution Gaming98.63%
CrapsUrgent Gaming98.64%
Craps1x2 Gaming99.53%

Craps Tips and Tricks

Before choosing one of the best real money casinos we recommend on this page, the following tips can give you the best experience and increase your chances of being successful at the online craps table. Sure, we can’t guarantee wins (after all, craps is a game of chance), but our strategies will hopefully help your bankroll to last a little longer and slightly enhance your odds.

  • Go for the pass line bet: Because the pass line bet has a house edge of 1.41%, it is the chosen bet for experienced players and provides excellent value.

  • Understand the house edge: Learn the house edge of any craps game you play. The house edge dictates how much the casino will win in profit, on average.

  • Keep your discipline: Stick to consistent betting patterns, and don’t panic on rounds. Keep your craps strategy uniform to help maintain your bankroll for longer.

  • Gamble responsibly: Remember the golden rule to set a budget, stick to it, and only gamble with disposable income you can afford to lose.

  • Practice for free: Play craps demo games. These free-play games are ideal for practising and becoming familiar with a game, as well as trying out strategies.

Bet Types

Having a complete understanding of the available bets will help you to control your budget and make wise betting decisions:

Bet Name Description Payout Odds
Pass LineBetting on a 7 or 11 landing on the initial dice roll (2, 3, or 12 is a loss)1.41%1:1
Don’t PassBetting on the shooter rolling a 2 or 3 (7 or 11 are a loss, while 12 is a Push)1.36%1:1
ComeAvailable after the Point (5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) is known. The “Come” is a bet on a 7 or 11.1.41%1:1
Don’t ComeAvailable after the Point (5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) is known. The “Don’t Come” is a bet on a 2 or 3.1.36%1:1
PlaceBetting on a specific number1.52% on 6 4% on 5 or 9 6.67% on 4 or 107:6
Field BetBet on the dice showing a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.Variable7:5
PropAny wager that resolves after one roll of the diceVariable9:5