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Online Casino Deposit Guide for Beginners

Online casinos have the advantage of offering players a wide range of deposit methods to get your cash in - and out - of a site quick and easily. Every top casino on the net will provide several banking methods but no two deposit methods are created equal: where one method may be quick, it may carry prohibitive fees, and a slow process may have bigger limits.

You may also live in a jurisdiction that explicitly outlaws - or at least makes it very tricky to use - certain methods of loading up your casino account. It's worth doing your homework so you know what is involved before making a deposit. One word of advice: not all online casinos deal specifically in your home currency, so if you can track down a casino that accepts payments in your own currency and allows you to dodge those hefty conversion rates, try and do so.

Debit Cards

So, you've downloaded the shiny new client and you've clicked on the big, welcoming 'CASHIER' tab. Now what?

Whichever casino you are playing at, you will be presented with a wide range of methods to get your funds into your account, and one of the easiest methods is the bank/debit card. A bank debit card with the Maestro/Visa/MasterCard/Electron sign is great for making secure, quick deposits online - as long as you have the funds available in your bank account.

Deposits are often instant and there are no fees applied. Minimum deposits can vary - as well as upper limits - but minimums of $5 and maximums of $20,000 figures are usual at most top casinos (some sites catering for American gaming fans may have significantly lower limits, however). To use your card, simply click on the Debit Card tab, enter your long card number and CVV2 number on the back of your card, and your payment will be processed.

Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard credit cards have the advantage of being accepted worldwide across thousands of companies (including casinos online) and they come packed with state-of-the-art encryption so that your deposits are safe and totally secure. Instant process times for deposits are usual at the big casinos, and the same kinds of deposit limits apply. Depending on where you live, however, there may be problems in getting your credit card transaction approved - particularly if you live in the shadow of UIGEA in the USA.

What's more, Visa and MasterCard payments are protected by SecureCode - another level of security to thwart would-be identity thieves.


If you?re looking for a great alternative to credit cards, then check out Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)- this is the top choice for international players. It'ss a quick and simple eWallet payment method that allows any customer to make secure payments in real-time.

eWallets are great if you are using multiple debit or credit cards for your online gambling: with an ewallet account like Skrill or Paypal, you simply group all of your cards together in one online account. Then, when you make a casino deposit you can just enter one account number.

Before you register with a particular provider, it?s worth checking to see if an e-Wallet will be subject to any transaction fees when used for online gambling. Skrill provide transaction services to a lot of online gamblers, with no charge for sending money to an online casino. However, you may be charged a conversion fee depending on the currency you use, for example if the payment isn?t in GBP, USD or Euros.

There are fees payable, however, when you deposit the cash to your e-Wallet account. Credit and debit card deposits incur a fee of 1.9%, so remember to factor that in when you make an initial deposit. E-Wallets are totally safe and carry the latest encryption security to protect your information. Find out more at PayPal.com and www.Skrill.com


If you don't own a debit or credit card, and may want to get cracking with some top-quality roulette play but are waiting a couple of days for some wages to come in, perhaps sending a check is the way to go.

Great gambling sites will allow deposits by check or eCheck. As with a straight Wire Transfer (see below) there may be slightly higher minimum deposits imposed and a long process time (anything from 4-28 days, depending on where you live).

Head to your casino's banking page and find the address to post checks too. If the site is based overseas, they may accept International money orders too, so it's worth checking.

Wire Transfer

Another simple deposit method is a straight wire transfer from your bank checking account to your online casino one. This can be easy to do - negating the need for a card number - but minimum deposits can be steep and process times may vary from site to site. Therefore, it's worth checking first how long a wire transfer will take.

For example, some wire transfers may take a couple of days, but international bank wires (if you are playing on an overseas site) may take much longer; 5-10 days is typical. Fees are generally free, but banks may apply charges, so ask your bank first before loading up your casino account this way.

To make a wire transfer, you will need the casino's official bank address and account name and the relevant IBAN and Swift Code/BIC numbers depending on the currency you are using. If it's a solid, legit online casino you will be able to do a wire transfer via any one of dozens of currencies.

Western Union / Moneygram

Western Union and Moneygram are third-party companies who handle wire transfers and money orders to recipients and companies across the world - and that includes many online casinos. The old-fashioned way to deposit, some may argue, but a wire transfer outlet like Western Union or Moneygram is good if you don't own a credit or debit card, or eWallets aren't accepted at your casino online.

First, you will need to find a land-based store or outlet near where you live that carries the WU/Moneygram sign. Don't forget to bring ID, and the destination account details/address of the casino you are sending money too. You can pay by cash, check or card, and there will normally be a fee chargeable for using the service (although in some instances it can be waived). Services like Western Union will have slower process times than, say, a credit card, but maximum deposits can be much higher than a standard check or bank wire transfer.


With low minimum deposits and instant load-up times, Paysafecard - if accepted in your jurisdiction - could be the best deposit solution for you. Quick and secure, Paysafecard is great if you don't own a credit or debit card. You can buy Paysafecard vouchers online or from a retailer - if you live near one - and it comes in tons of currencies.

Once you have bought a voucher, head to your online casino's Cashier and click on the Paysafecard symbol. From here all you have to is enter the 19-digit code on the voucher - your funds are deposited instantly. While minimum deposits are attractive to the casual gambler (around the $1 mark) there are often low maximum deposits too ($500 is not unusual) so make sure you check the casino's policy first.


The buzzword of 2022 is definitely Bitcoin. And despite some bad press recently surrounding Bitcoins, this exciting new currency is being used at many specialist casinos today. These new 'virtual currencies' aren't governed by banks or financial institutions, so there are no fees attached, and they are totally anonymous.

Using them is easy - once you have the currency, that is. You can either 'mine' for Bitcoin on your computer - if you have the right software - or you can buy them from an online exchange. Once you have Bitcoins in your possession, depositing at a casino that accepts them is as easy as entering your Bitcoin account number.

The best thing with Bitcoin is that the value can go up (although it can go down too) and if experts are proved right, the value of them - and other virtual currencies beginning to hit the market - will continue to trend upwards as the currency itself is finite (Bitcoins are due to stop being 'produced' in a few decades' time).