Skywind Group explains past success and future plans

An interview with Matthew Oberg

More than a decade after launching, the European gaming operator looks to continue its impressive growth.


The creation of some of the gaming industry’s leading professionals, Skywind Group now offers more than 200 video slots, live casino games and player engagement tools within its own platform. A top B2B iGaming supplier, Skywind is pushing boundaries – both technical and geographical – as it works to build its reputation as a global leader.

About Matthew Oberg

Matthew Oberg

I have been in the iGaming industry for 9 years. At Skywind I oversee our modern, engaging content roadmap. I look to increase our company capacity through upscaling and M&A’s, discover and distribute new forms of gambling entertainment and expand into new markets.

About Skywind Group


Founded in 2012 Skywind Group is an iGaming solutions content and innovation platform. The company’s portfolio now includes several hundred games across 19 regulated markets. Skywind employs more than 600 across its nine offices across the globe. It has been recognized by EGR, Gaming Intelligence and other leading industry publications.

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The Skywind difference

Ryan Butler

What sets Skywind apart from other gaming providers?

Matthew Oberg

We have an amazing mix of modern artistic styles balanced with strong mathematical models. The full package of our games really draws the player in and gives them an immersive experience.

Ryan Butler

There is still a lot of growth around the world in online casino gaming. Are there more markets you’ll be expanding into soon, such as the United States?

Matthew Oberg

Currently the United States is not a market we are looking at. We are however going to be expanding into more EU and Latam markets in Q3 and Q4.

Ryan Butler

How has Skywind changed as the market for live dealer games has grown and evolved? Where do you see live games heading in the next few years?

Matthew Oberg

We have developed unique experiences within the classic table games such as Atom Roulette. We place great importance on the need for clean and simple UI with great betting mechanics and, of course, charming dealers.

Jokers Wheel
Ryan Butler

What Skywind game do you consider a hidden gem – not the most popular game but one that should be?

Matthew Oberg

I think our live game show ‘Jokers Wheel’ is really a hidden gem. We have an amazing set of features and minigames that keep every spin of the wheel exciting. Our current players are incredibly loyal, and we hope to grow our player base within our current and future markets.

Finding the next hit game

Ryan Butler

What are some of your most popular slots? What do you think makes them so popular?

Matthew Oberg

Two globally performing slots for us are ‘Super Lion’ and ‘8 Tigers Gold Megaways.’ ‘Super Lion’ has a classic and clean feel to it with very well-balanced mathematics. Lots of our operators also run the jackpot on top which proves to be ever popular. ‘8 Tigers Gold Megaways’ is a game with a lot of depth in the betting options including double and triple chance as well as bet option. We also have two buy bonuses and the Play it your way feature which allows players to gamble their winnings in the free games.

8 Tigers Gold Megaways
Ryan Butler

How does the team at Skywind come up with unique ideas for new games?

Matthew Oberg

We like to let our creativity run around features and themes while making sure we stay in line with the current market appetite for art styles and volatility. It’s always a balance between which is tried and tested and innovation.

Ryan Butler

Skywind has some amazing branded games. What is the process of creating these games? Are you approached by the brand to create bespoke games or do you develop games and try to find the right branding for them? Or is there some other process?

Matthew Oberg

It all depends on the brand. Some brands we have an idea for and go for the license, other games we have worked directly with the operator to create a bespoke game with one of the licensed content products they hold.

Ryan Butler

What future releases or features are creating buzz within the company?

Matthew Oberg

We have some amazing releases in Q3 and Q4 this year. Keep your eyes out for our new game ‘Fisherman’s Fury Bonanza’ which will be available on our partner area at the end of July.

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