Revealing the NFL’s Most Passionate Fanbases

Name a better atmosphere than gameday camaraderie in an NFL stadium - we’ll wait. The game wouldn’t be the same without the crowd vibrating the stands - the real MVPs who are passionately cheering and enduring the journey through a mix of blood, sweat, and perhaps some joyful tears over that final touchdown. 

As we gear up for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers to grace our screens on February 11th, armed with buffalo wings, team colors, and our nearest and dearest - we start to wonder which teams are filling their stadium’s with consistently passionate fans? We ranked each fan base from 0-100 based on a set of questions asked to 2,500 survey respondents.  

Here’s what we found:

  • None other than Super Bowl LVIII finalist, Kansas City Chiefs, are ranked as the most passionate fanbase, scoring a shiny 100/100 

  • In second place is the Detroit Lions fans with 78/100 

  • Close behind and taking home the bronze trophy is the San Fransico 49ers, with a score of 75/100 

  • Tennessee Titans are the least passionate NFL fan base, scoring 0/100 

  • It’s in fact Arizona Cardinal fans who are most likely to book the following day’s work, as 3 in 10 have already! 

The Most Committed NFL FanBases

Teams winning the title as the most passionate

We took a closer look at the world of NFL fan bases, analyzing a number of factors including Super Bowl party attendance, wearing team jerseys, and post-Super Bowl recovery to see who is the most passionate.   

After their victory against the Baltimore Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs will be battling it out for the Super Bowl trophy on February 11th. From huddles to hail marys, one trophy they’re already guaranteed is the one for the most passionate NFL fan bases, scoring a shiny 100 out of 100 on the passionate index. 100% of Chiefs fans will be watching the Super Bowl, whilst over half claimed they’ll wear their team's jersey or colors with pride. Over 50% agreed they would celebrate their hopeful victory and 1 in 10 stated they’ll be booking the day off work the next day. Chiefs’ fans have shown their commitment from the start, seeing as 48% claimed they’ll celebrate by attending 1-2 parties even before they knew they’d be finalists! 

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on underdogs; the Detroit Lions supporters. While they may not be playing in the Super Bowl, they did manage to take the title as the second most passionate supporters on our index, scoring 78/100. When it comes to celebrations, 43% of Lions fans are leaning towards a modest 1-3 drinks, but a spirited 23% will be partying with 4-7 drinks in their hand. Cheers to the Lions’ team player spirit! 

Hot off their 34-31 victory over the weekend the weekend, it seems a Taylor Bowl is on. Just making our red zone and landing third place is the San Fransico 49ers who scored a passionate index score of 75/100. 53% of respondents claimed they’ll proudly be wearing their team’s jersey or colors, and 50% will be celebrating the Super Bowl in some way! 1 in 9 San Fransico 49ers fans plan on calling in sick to work the next day as a result of the celebrations, talk about dedication to the game! 

Teams winning the title as the least passionate

On the flip side, the fan bases that show the least passion for the game are the Tennessee Titans, scoring 0/100 on the passionate fanbase index. Yikes! 79% claim they won’t be wearing their team’s jersey or colors on the day, whilst 43% claim they will not be enjoying an alcoholic beverage to mark the occasion. To round it off, 0% stated they will not be booking the following day off work, nor will they be calling in sick. The Titans are 1 of 12 teams that have never won a Super Bowl title, hence why their passion may be slightly...absent.  

Discovering the wildest celebrators in the NFL

Who are the biggest party animals of the lot? Well, it turns out the New York Jets are the reigning champs, as 74% stated they would be attending a Super Bowl celebration. Similarly, the Jets fans are most likely to attend the most parties, with the highest response for ‘7+’ celebrations! Meanwhile, over in Cincinnati, 36% of Bengals fans claimed they would consume at least 4-7 drinks on the big day. However, it wasn’t even the finalists who had the most respondents likely to travel to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, as 20% of Arizona Cardinals fans claimed they will be celebrating in the one and only Sin City ahead of the Super Bowl! 

Super sick Monday: which fanbases are most likely to miss work?

With an estimated 18.8 million calling in sick last year the day after the Super Bowl, we wanted to find out which fans are the most ‘’passionate’’ with their Super Bowl celebrations. 3 in 10 Arizona Cardinal fans have gone the extra mile by booking the following day off work. Whilst Atlanta Falcons take the crown for the most daring, with a bold 16% expressing their likelihood to call in sick the next day. Talk about devoted fans taking their post-Super Bowl recovery to a whole new level. 


With a near-record 115 million viewers, last year’s Super Bowl solidified its status as one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the sporting calendar. Drawing fans together, igniting cheers and celebrations, especially from passionate supporters like the Chiefs and Lions, who managed to secure the top spots on our index.  

So, grab those wings, crack open a cold one, and get yourself a front-row seat for February 11th! 


We surveyed 2,500 NFL fans who avidly watch football from across the U.S. We asked a set of questions surrounding how they will be showing their support ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl. The answers were collated, and a unique, weighted scoring system was applied to each data point, each fan base was scored out of 100 to establish which team has the most 'passionate fan base’. The data was collected in January 2024 ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. 

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