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Online Casino Security Guide

If you've ever entered the long number on your credit card into an online casino's Cashier, how can you be sure your transaction is safe from hackers? Maybe you've been at the online roulette table, seen 10 black numbers come up in a row and wondered if the site's software is 100 percent legit.

Doubts like that are natural, and cross most Internet gamblers' minds once in a while, but in truth, at the top casinos in 2021, you will find unrivalled security in place to ensure totally fair gaming - and completely safe banking.

How Secure Are Online Casinos in 2021?

Trust is near, or at, the top of most online casino players' priorities when they choose a site, and that's why you need to play at those casinos with proven track records in security. The best sites are regulated and licensed by official gaming jurisdictions around the world, such as Gibraltar or Malta, and therefore have strict fair gaming stipulations in place before they are allowed to operate.

That means before they've even opened up a roulette table or video slot online, these casinos have to have the best audited Random Number Generators in place and the proper security to ensure no snags with payments. If in doubt, check out the casino's homepage - there will see the logos of the independent auditors used to oversee their software - and you may even spot a top e-Gaming award or three.

Protecting Your Personal Data

If you're reading this, the chances are you are a real-money casino player. Nothing beats the thrill of depositing some hard-earned cash into your online account and having a few big-money bets on roulette or blackjack. But what if hackers are waiting to intercept the payment and steal not only your cash but your card details too? Trusted casinos today will use the best SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128-bit encryption technology to protect your payments.

SSL encrypts all data flowing to and from the site, especially sensitive info like your personal and bank card details. SSL is the same hi-tech software used by credit card companies to stop your account details being hacked by third parties.

128-bit encryption is a nifty bit of kit. Basically, it applies a completely unique code key to every transaction that takes place from your bank to the online casino. As the key always changes, would-be criminals have to go to even more trouble to hack into the transaction.

Random Number Generators

If you've played roulette in a live casino, you'll know the wheel and ball are governed by various factors: the spin of the wheel, the way the dealer drops the ball into it, the luck of the drop as the ball hits the various parts of the wheel before resting into a slot.

At online casinos, however, those physical attributes simply don't exist. The wheel is virtual, the ball is virtual, the whole process governed by a software program.

Sophisticated Random Number Generators (RNG) at online casinos work to produce totally random outcomes on each game. That goes for the spin of a roulette wheel, the shuffling of the blackjack decks, or the spin of the slots reels - everything is random to ensure fair gaming.

Solid RNGs ensure total trustworthiness - after all, casino players online can be a superstitious bunch and if they believe a site's software to not be 100% above-board and properly governed, they won't come back.

Independent Software Audits

But RNGs aren't just in place without any checks - regular audits on the site's software takes place too. And if a casino doesn't have a regular independent audit (i.e. carried out by a firm not aligned to the casino) it probably isn't worth playing at.

It's usually part of a gaming jurisdiction's stipulations when granting a gaming licence that casino sites have independent auditing in place. If you look at a top online casino website, it will usually carry the eCOGRA logo.

eCOGRA, TST and GLI - Protecting The Players

Who are eCOGRA? This stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. A leading testing agency, they specialize in certifying online gaming systems.

As well as ensuring the RNGs are working in proper order (via a complex and thorough series of tests) they also work to protect customer's private information, make sure the casino sites have fast - and more importantly, accurate - player payments, and generally help ensure fair gaming all-round.

You can find the eCOGRA logo on the casino's homepage, but they're not the only big player. Casino software is checked at many websites by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) whose testing wing, TST, carry out regular independent checks on all bets placed at a casino to make sure payouts are accurate and fair.

If you want further information and more concrete proof, you can often read the auditors' certificates in PDF format at many of the big casino sites.