Buddy-Inspired Meal Contest: Win $2,500 for the most creative dish that Buddy would love

Have you ever dreamed of stepping into Buddy the Elf's candy-coated world? Well, a festive competition is here to turn your sugary fantasies into a reality! Inspired by the beloved Christmas movie, 'Elf,' comes a competition that'll tickle your taste buds and spark your creativity. Participants are challenged to whip up creations influenced by Buddy's love for all things sweet. Let your imagination run wild, whether it’s spaghetti covered in candy or a concoction of your own, the North Pole’s the limit! 

So, grab your apron, gather your ingredients, and have fun with your creations! And let’s not forget the exciting part, the lucky winner takes home a whopping $2,500 (or the GBP, CAD equivalent).

Buddy The Elf Contest

How it works

  1. Whip up your Buddy-inspired dish and capture it in a photo

  2. Head over to the submission form here

  3. Complete the necessary details, and remember to upload your photo

  4. Keep your fingers crossed and hope you win the prize. Good luck!


Hank is the lucky winner of our Elf-inspired dish competition. Hank nailed it with a killer combo - a toastie topped with sprinkles and candy. He paired the meal with a sweet drink, featuring whipped cream and a candy cane. The winner was selected using a random number generator. Stay tuned for upcoming competitions!


The competition and acceptance of submissions start on Monday, November 20th, 2023 7 am EST, and close on Monday, December 11th, 2023 11.59 pm EST. The winner will be notified within five working days after the closing date. *This competition and any images used on are inspired by the movie, “Elf”. There is no commercial association between and the “Elf” movie. Trademark rights and copyrights relating to the movie “Elf” belong to their respective owner(s) which are not associated with or affiliated with in any way and did not license rights or authorize or sponsor this competition.

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The Promoter of the Competition is OC Media Ltd.

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Competition-Specific Terms and Conditions - Buddy-Inspired Meal Contest

1. The Competition

Whip up your best Buddy-inspired dish and get the chance to win $2,500 (or the GBP or CAD equivalent).

2. Competition Period
3. To Enter
4. The winner and the prize
5. Prize Delivery