Super Bowl: Revealing Each State’s Most Searched-For Game-Day Snacks

The Super Bowl isn't just a football game; it's a nationwide event. And to truly savor the experience, you need the right food to fuel the excitement and keep the party going. We dug into Google Trends to uncover each state’s go-to game-day bites. We then ranked them into tiers based on their popularity: Supreme, Good, Mid, and Low, creating the ultimate Super Bowl spread ranking list. 

Whether you're an NFL fan, simply tuning in for the halftime show, or just here for the celebrations, join us as we explore the most-searched-for dishes for the big game across the country. Get ready to touchdown on a flavor-packed Super Bowl Sunday!

Key Findings:

  • Dips are the most sought-after culinary category in 26 states, with buffalo chicken dip leading as the most frequently searched dip in 8 of those states

  • Appetizers such as jalapeno poppers and pigs in blankets are in the "Good" category

  • White chicken chili and chocolate-covered strawberries are examples of dishes in the “Low” category

The Nationwide Rankings: The Most Popular Super Bowl Snacks in America

Whether you're hosting the party this year or just bringing a dish to share, and you're aiming for a Super Bowl spread packed with tasty options, we've got you covered. To make your choices easier, we've analyzed the results to compile a ranking of Super Bowl dishes, ordered from Supreme to Low. Join us as we delve into the ultimate nationwide Super Bowl dish lineup!

Official Super Bowl Dishes Ranking

State-by-State Super Bowl Snack Favorites

Arguably, the culinary spread at a Super Bowl party rivals the excitement of the game itself. From hearty mains to tasty dips and sweet desserts, the options are a feast for your tastebuds. However, before you start making predictions for this year’s Super Sunday menu, you might want to consider where in the US you’re watching the game.

Top Super Bowl  Dishes In Each State

If dips are a must-have, you're in luck—26 states prioritize dips the most for the big event. Buffalo chicken dip takes the crown as the all-time favorite, earning the top-searched spot in eight states, including California, Colorado, Georgia, and Ohio.

However, if pretzel dip is what you're longing for, there's still a good chance you'll find it on the menu. It ranks as the second most searched-for food, securing the top spot in seven states, including Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Nevada.

Appetizers take the lead in popularity across 10 states. Pigs in a blanket dominate the searches in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Indiana. Jalapeno poppers top the charts in Idaho, Michigan, and Utah. While nachos claim the spotlight as the most popular in New York and Massachusetts. 

If you're anticipating a main course, your chances are high in 9 states. In North Dakota, expect white chicken chili; in Mississippi, look out for lasagna. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin and Arkansas, ham and cheese sliders are likely to grace the spread. As for Wyoming, well, get ready for... pancakes?

Though no feast is truly finished without dessert, and that sentiment rings true for both Alaska and Rhode Island, both favoring banana bread as the star of their Super Bowl spreads. West Virginia opts for a romantic touch with top searches for chocolate-covered strawberries, perhaps influenced by the proximity of the Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Connecticut is likely to showcase sugar cookies as a sweet addition to their Super Bowl celebration.


The resounding consensus among Americans affirms that dip is an essential part of any Super Bowl Sunday spread, with buffalo chicken dip taking the top spot. The less favored food options range from the unexpected, like pancakes, to the unconventional choices of crawfish etouffee and white chicken chili. That being said, regardless of what is on the menu, one thing is certain – it's bound to be delicious!


We analyzed Google Search trends unique to each state in the US to uncover the most in-demand Super Bowl foods. Our analysis focused on trends from the week surrounding Super Bowl 2024.

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