National Cheese Lovers Day: Each state’s favorite cheese

Well, it’s a gouda day to be a cheese fan, as January 20th is National Cheese Lovers day! With Americans consuming over 41 pounds of cheese annually, it comes as no surprise that there’s an entire day named after the nation's love for cheese! To celebrate, we conducted a nationwide survey of over 2,000 Americans to find out what each state’s favorite  are. You best brie-lieve we’ve rounded up the top cheeses that Americans love to indulge in, let’s dive right into it.

Here’s what we found:

  • Cheddar has the nation’s hearts, as 20 states agreed it was their #1 choice of cheese

  • In second place, 8 states opted for a spicier option of pepper jack

  • Vermonters indulged in cheese the most, as 30.30% of respondents eat cheese every single day

National Cheese Lovers Day Infographic

United by Cheese: Discovering each state’s signature flavor

Americans adore cheese for all of its gooey glory. Whether it’s the joy of a golden, grilled cheese or the feasting of a cheese platter at a party, cheese is the culinary rockstar that knows how to steal the spotlight. The ultimate comfort food, the life of the pizza party, and the reason mac ‘n’ cheese has its very own fan club. With so many cheesy choices, from mild to wild, we wanted to get to the bottom of it and reveal simply which dairy delight is the most popular across states in the U.S.

In first place, we have the ultimate tangy crowd-pleaser, as 20 states agreed that a classic cheddar is their number one choice when it comes to cheese. From grilled cheese sandwiches to deep-dish pizzas, cheddar is the ultimate indulgent sidekick we all need in our lives, and that’s something the likes of; Mississippi (38%), Alaska (32%), Tennessee (32%), and New Hampshire (28%), can all agree on (to name a few).

In second place we have a Cali classic, pepper jack (otherwise known as Monterey Jack's spicy sibling). 8 states opted for this jalapeño-infused option, including the likes of; Kansas, California, Connecticut, and Georgia. Finishing off the trio of holy grail cheeses for Americans is a tie between mozzarella and Colby/Monterey jack, agreed upon by 4 states. 

But for some, the obvious choices were all too… well, obvious! The likes of Colorado, Maine, Maryland, and Ohio all decided to stray away from the crowd, they opted for gouda, cottage, brie, and swiss respectively. 

The most cheese-obsessed state

It’s fair to say that Americans are true cheese lovers, but who are the most cheese-obsessed states? Well, we asked respondents how often they find themselves reaching for the fridge in search of their cheesy companion, and it turns out the biggest cheese connoisseurs are in the Green Mountain state of Vermont, as they’re most likely to eat cheese at least daily (30% agreed). Not too far behind them is Oklahoma, with 27.78% admitting they consume cheese every day too. On the flip side, leading the anti-cheese march is Arkansas, which had the highest response for ‘rarely’ eating cheese!


Americans truly embrace the spirit of this national holiday, and although some states may be divided on their preferred cheese, one undeniable truth remains - cheddar stands as the nation’s ultimate sweetheart. So, race to your nearby supermarket if you’re hoping to fill your fridge with cheesy goodness ahead of January 20th.


We surveyed over 2,000 U.S. residents about their cheese preferences in January 2024 and how often they consume cheese ahead of National Cheese Lovers Day on January 20th. We collected data on their state of residence to divide the responses to find out each state’s favorite cheese.

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